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Prosoftek Tracking

About Us

Our complete fleet management system offers fleet owners a new level of control over their vehicles, drivers and ongoing fleet operating costs. .


Improving customer relationship.
Maximizing Performances from vehicles
Advanced Application in area of safety & seurity

Our Features

Real Time Tracking

Notification Alerts

Reliable, Accurate and Cost Efficient.

Easy to install and easy to use

Scalable Solution.

IOS & Andriod App.

Mobile App. Notifications

PAN India Service

Our Success

Prosoftek Tracking is India based vehicle tracking service provider Company, through experience of about many years. This has given us and benefit in having in depth analysis into the working of a GPS field. Thereby, our team is able to give solutions for vehicle with the fleet owner's requirement.
You can find our Prosoftek Tracking Application both on Android mobiles or IPhone!

Prosoftek Tracking

Complete Tracking Solution

GPS Vehicle Tracker


  •  ARAI & ICAT Approved GPS Tracker

    ARAI & ICAT Approved GPS Tracker

    ARAI has been playing a crucial role in assuring safe, less polluting approved devices.
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  •  AIS 140 GPS Tracker

    AIS 140 GPS Tracker

    AIS 140 GPS Tracker ensures the efficiency of the transport system.
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  • Device supported Software

    Device supported Software

    Prosoftek is providing advanced featured device supported softwares.
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  • School Bus Tracker

    School Bus Tracking

    Child’s safety and security is the highest priority for any parent.
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  •  Fuel Sensor

    Fuel Sensor

    Fuel Sensor is used for fuel monitoring in fuel/diesel storage tanks.
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  •  Vehicle Tracker

    Vehicle Tracker

    Prosoftek Tracking provides an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet.
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  •  Personal Tracker

    Personal Tracker

    Have you ensured the safety of your loved ones?
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  • Asset Tracker

    Asset Tracker

    GPS asset tracking systems give you the information of your assets.
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Best Features

Waterproof Devices

We have waterproof gps tracking devices

Mobile App Notifications

Most of all alerts available in application

Android & iOS Application

Application can run both on Android & iOS.


Generally all types of reports available in app

Demo App

We can provide you demo to check all details