School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking

Child’s safety and security is the highest priority for any parent. Prosoftek Tracking provides Pick and Drop through tracking application to assure security of your children. Guardians can get data in regards to pick and drop of their child. This solution not only tracks the bus but also provides you the necessary mobile app notifications time to time on smartphones An efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your children's school bus. We manage fleet of your school and school cabs much efficiently, by planning and coordinating better with school transport manager, Prosoftek Tracking assure you that you will be the happier parents as its possible to track your kid's bus and location right from your portables! You can monitor their route, over speeding or any other unnecessary stoppages and take action.
You can find our Prosoftek Tracking Application both on Android mobiles or IPhone !

Providing a complete tracking solution for your child by School Bus Tracking System.

Prosoftek Tracking

For Schools (School App)

Prosoftek Tracking provide school a safe and efficient, reliable school bus tracking application. We provide GPS tracking solutions to ensure student safety to and from their schools. We provide real-time location of the all school buses to school authorities. Our software helps the school transport manager to maintain all school bus fleet efficiently and can monitor their buses effectively. Manager provides username and password of our application to parent so that they can track their kids bus.

For Parents (Parent App)

Parents can login using username & password provided by transport manager. Realtime notifications of application with updated information insures parents peace of mind when their kids are far from them. Using this App parents can check realtime tracking of the school bus using their smartphones,tablets.

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